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Yulia Nikonova Artist   Hi,



I’m Yulia Nikonova. Welcome to my gallery.





I just paint beautiful paintings that you’d love to see every day in your home.

I paint the splendor of nature: landscapes and still-lifes, because the only one real eternal beauty and diversity is the beauty of nature. In the modern world overwhelmed with progressive ideas and social issues, it is extremely important to remember the real basis of any life and any art – the marvelous magic of colors created by our planet.

I paint with oil on canvas rethinking classical techniques of European realism and perfecting combinations of colors and hues. I have chosen the realism for expression of my creative ideas because it is the most powerful technical base for the mastership of any painter exactly as the beauty of nature may be a base for every creative idea.

Let’s enjoy the beauty of the world as it is.

Yours Sincerely,



Artist's Bio:

Yulia Nikonova was born in 1980 in Moscow, Russia. She studied oil painting from several well-known Russian artists working in classical techniques of European Realism.

Then, she traveled many years around the world studying art, working on her artistic skills, and looking for impressions. Finally, Yulia found her new home on the shore of New Jersey.

Now, she’s continuing to improve her artistic skills, rethinking classical artistic methods with the modern approach and perfecting her mastership every day, from the early morning till the sun goes down, creating beautiful and colorful paintings of nature.